In an apocalypse there is definitely a beginning where mistakes are made and the seeds of evil are allowed to sprout and take shape. However, an end is not so certain. Once an Apocalypse occurs not even death is certain. Sometimes death is only the beginning.

Dr Lee steps into the Walton facility on the first day of human trials and can barely contain her excitement. The labs are brand spanking new and everything is sharp and clean. They've been built to her specifications and are a scientist's dream. It's where cancer is going to be cured once and for all.

By midnight it's a place of fire, of blood and of death...a death that, like the Apocalypse, is seemingly never ending.

After three years as an author I could say my writing had improved with every book. The same could not be said for my sales. They were dismal. I had averaged only 150 books a year in sales, and that was with 12 titles on Amazon. Ridiculous!
A year ago today, I made a vow that 2014 would be my break out year. I wrote four books in the next twelve months, all in the Undead World series and added my first audio book. As of the 31st of December, I have sold slightly more than 44,000 books. That's a 300 fold increase in sales.
Here's my secret:
1 Write the best you can
2 Don't stop writing
3 Get a good cover for your book
4 Pray really hard
5 Get lucky
There is no magic formula besides those five things
PS Next year is going to be my "Gravy Year" Not sure what that means other than I'm shooting for 100,000 books sold. Wish me