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The Apocalypse Crusade War of the Undead Day One: A Zombie Tale by Peter Meredith
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: Adult
Length: 390 Pages
Format: print or kindle
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In an apocalypse there is definitely a beginning where mistakes are made and the seeds of evil are allowed to sprout and take shape. However, an end is not so certain. Once an Apocalypse occurs not even death is certain. Sometimes death is only the beginning.
At first light that morning, Dr Lee steps into the Walton facility on the first day of human trials and can barely contain her excitement. The labs are brand spanking new and everything is sharp and clean. They've been built to her specifications and are a scientist's dream. It's where cancer is going to be cured once and for all.
By midnight it's a place of fire, of blood and of death...a death that, like the Apocalypse, is seemingly never ending.

It's FINALLY here! The Apocalypse Crusade, War of the Undead Day One, is available in soft cover on Amazon! Now rated #4 on Amazon for the category in Post Apocalyptic don't want to miss out!

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What is the worlds fascination of Zombies?



I would love to hear from my readers why they think the everyone is so fascinated with zombies?

What possesses us to dress up as the living dead and parade about in "Zombie Crawls"? And why do we role play something so gruesome and enjoy doing it?

Is this is a therapeutic way of facing and even preparing for the possibility of bad things to come?

Over the centuries, we've seen humans go through cycles or fads if I may say. With clothes, they change every decade or sooner, changing with the times, but often cycling back to what they once were or at least a similar version. Then we have our super heros that come and go and change depending on which one is being promoted in the theatres. These I can understand, but there are the science fiction fads that baffle me. Why?...because they are usually about death and destruction, war and survival. I know our existence has always been centered around survival, power and sex, but with the war on terrorism we still see in our every day lives in the media, in this so called civilized world we live in,  it still intrigues me that we get so wrapped up or fascinated with the idea of the undead. Don't get me wrong, I think it is as fascinating as much as the next person or I wouldn't be a writer...and I thank my fans that they do too, or I would be only writing stories for myself and working at Walmart. Werewolves have had their time in the spotlight and so have vampires. They will all again I'm sure, like any fad, it is only a matter of time that they cycle back again...but for now, it is zombies. What is most curious is the staying power the genre has been able to amass. it's to the point that I have to ask, Is this really just a fad? Or is this a true cultural phenomenon that will outlast the Walking Dead?

Perhaps, pondering the possibility of a zombie apocalypse is a form of shared emotional preparation. Society  has taken a fad and made it into a real-world, worst-case scenario and is now strategizing how the remaining unaffected humans could possibly survive...something interesting to chew on a bit. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your views or reasons why you think we are so fascinated by zombies.

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I'm proud to say that book sales for my new novel are doing quite well. The Apocalypse Crusade has jumped up to #17 on Amazon for the category in Post Apocalyptic Fiction! My over all ratings have also reached the Top 100 List. I'm rated #80 as an author in Science Fiction!...Just thought me fans would like to know.

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