The Apocalypse Crusade War of the Undead Day One: A Zombie Tale by Peter Meredith
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: Adult
Length: 390 Pages
Format: print or kindle
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I want to thank everyone who has been kind enough to leave a review for my latest book The Apocalypse Crusade. The reviews have been overwhelmingly sweet. Here are a few of my favorites:

5.0 out of 5 stars, March 15, 2015
Another Great Zombie Story From Peter Meredith

By Darrell Hodges (Rocky Mount, Virginia)
I read tons of ZA fiction and Meredith writes some of the best in the genre. This seems to be the start of another great zombie apocalpyse series from Peter Meredith. His writing and characters draw you into the story. Normally I go into a bit more detail in my reviews but I'm honestly afraid of spoiling this great story for other readers.
One thing I will mention is this. I'm a fan of Romero type zombie stories, not really into the rage infected zombies (Although DJ Molles The Remaining Series is done exceptionaly well). In this story you get both. ZA Recht attempted this in The Morningstar Series but Meredith pulls it off in a plausible and interesting way. Meredith belongs up there with Jonathan Maberry, Robert Kirkman, and Max Brooks for his talent at putting out great zombie apocalypse stories.

5.0 out of 5 stars, March 2, 2015
Warning: addictive page turner…
Merideth is a phenomenal story teller. His ability to forge a plot and his awesome characters (like the quirky, lovable, uncanny, and deadly little girl in his other zombie series) used to outstrip his writing sometimes - but not any more. He has tightened up his technique and dropped unnecessary devices like the instances of heavy-handed foreshadowing that you might find in a few of his other books. Here the writing does not distract from the power of the plot. There are a few places where phonetic spelling of American regional accents and regional grammar pull one out of the moment with slight inconsistencies, particularly where this stylization spills over into the narrative voice. But that is really quibbling. This is an outstanding read for anyone who loves zombie stories.
In this novel he cranks the tension up steadily and then hits the afterburners - and all I could do was hang on for the ride. Do NOT pick this up until you are ready to commit to an all-night sleep-defying read. This is not a book to start when you have stuff due to your boss, or projects that have to get done. To the author's credit he finds a way to keep the story riveting while detailing the most scientifically plausible zombie origin I have ever read.
We have seen a lot of people take a stab at the origin in film and print and it is not easy to do without resorting to "magical science." Though there was some slight confusion about the potential role of the drug amphotericin, that was negligible. It is still fiction, but his twist on the infectious zombie is frighteningly clear and consistent in accounting for all those tropes that make a zombie a zombie and not just a crazy sick person.
Peter Merideth you have a scary imagination and you set a very high standard for the genre. Keep writing them like this and I will buy them every time I see your name on the cover. Thanks for another great read!

4.0 out of 5 stars, February 27, 2015
Good read...
By Amy
This book was not what I expected. Instead of going straight onto survival mode after an outbreak, this book details events that lead to the outbreak. We meet the characters that are responsible for not only creating this z virus, but also spreading it. It goes through the day that started the apocalypse. Interesting read for sure and I'm excited to see what is to come of this potential series.

5.0 out of 5 stars,  February 20, 2015
 Totally Engrossing! Can't wait for the Next Installment...
By Susan Chaney
This book has all the elements of a great series. Compelling characters that are whittled away by zombies who by the end of day One have successfully infiltrated the world outside of their Petri dish. We are left with a trail of black ooze and a group of core survivors, unsure, yet very aware of their possible fate. Book one is full of suspense and intrigue, love, both innocent and romantic, hate, both blinding and unnatural, non-stop action, and a very real gripping and palpable fear. Mr. Meredith's other works prove his talent writing all genres. He taps into something basic and human in a way that makes you want to keep reading and find out to what end his heroic characters might arrive. Really, really outstanding start to what is sure to be a Great Series.

5.0 out of 5 stars, February 19, 2015
Amazon Customer: (Neenah, Wisconsin United States)

"WAY OUT WICKED" Just finished this latest, great story, in one day (yes I really do love to read ). This is one of the books at the top of my reading list and one that I can say: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO ALL ZOMBIE LOVERS! I've read Peter Meredith's other Zombie Series "The Undead World" and to me this one is even better. (Just received my first "Kindle" this past year, boy have I been missing out on some major reading, there is so much out there, more than I ever knew, and I have a extensive library of books, over 400 hardcover/paperback). I am definitely ready for the next Book in this "Series". I really hope it comes out soon. The way the story starts it gets you ready with the first scene and with the book being "Day 1" coming up in "time frames" as they started, it helped to understand the beginning of how the Apocalypse started and carried all the events as they happened into order. It didn't bounce you all over the place and leave you wondering where this person or item fit in, then at the end of the Book, you wonder what happened to them/it. Everyone in this book came accross like they were all a main character. And not giving up anything, no spoiler here, Chapter 14, part 5's conversation between Courtney Snow & General Stimpson was "outstanding", I loved every minute of it. It would be great to have her carried over into the next book, with a nice story line of her own and not just as a " State Police Dispatcher", on and off. She would be a great addition to this series and I really, truly hope there is more than just 1 more in the works for this "series". It looks like it could go a long way, especially if they're written in the same format as Book 1 was. Having the first book/beginning of the story revolving around Day 1, from early morning to late in the evening was such a super way to incorporate so many people and the events of how everthing came to be into the story. The first chapter hooks you into the story and by the end of those first few pages you already want to know how it all started. Then the next few chapters bring in all the other characters, their backgrounds and the settings into play. Then with Chapter 1 still on your mind it all begins and there's no stopping until you read the last page. By then your ready for Book 2. So Mr. Peter Meredith, this was super and even though I'm sure you have other commitments with other stories/items your working on, I'm so ready for book 2, as I'm sure many of your other fans also are. I definitely believe it will be as good as this one and definitely worth the wait. Consider me one of your biggest fans, Cynthia