Just a heads up on Renegades The Undead World Novel 5. My beta readers(thank you so much) are hard at work as is my editor(all my love). Since I was delayed in finishing it and won’t hit my deadline of May 7th I’m going to leave you a little snippet of a chapter on Jillybean to wet your appetite. Doesn’t she just keep getting sweeter?


The new girl was like a panther as she came stalking out of the woods with the black pistol raised. She was going to shoot them in the back. To her they were strangers and their deaths would have value to her. They represented an obstacle and a possible danger, thus they had to die, no questions asked.

Jillybean wanted to stop her, but death was the new girl’s bailiwick, her jurisdiction and within it she could not be denied. She commanded the water to cover the sound of her feet and the air to carry away her scent. She forced out all of Jillybean’s foolish notions of right and wrong, of fair play. She stuffed Jilly’s fear back down her throat and she pulled the trigger with all the compassion she would reserve for killing a mosquito.

She shot the man on the right, but he didn’t die right away. The bullet lodged in his spine and though he was paralyzed he was awake and alert when the zombies came and ate him later that afternoon. His friend was luckier; the new girl put a slug in his head as he turned, crying out in fear.

“Excellent,” she said when the last echo of the gun blasts had faded into the backdrop of nature. She nudged the first man with her foot, liking the way his head moved but nothing else. She guessed at the paralysis and gave him a light kick to the temple to see if he could bring his head back to square; he couldn’t. He was forced to stare out at the river; only his eyes moved. They went in circles.

“Cool,” she said.

Peter Meredith