The Horror Of The Shade (The Trilogy Of The Void Book 1)

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The Horror Of The Shade (The Trilogy Of The Void Book 1): By Peter Meredith

In all the deepest pits and in all the rank, vile dungeons that make up the illusion of Hell, no fiend is more feared than the dread demon, and for good reason. These pitiless monsters feed on bile and blood, they lap up the screams of the damned, they corrupt and destroy and they hate with an unrelenting fury.
And to release one upon the world is the ultimate in black sin.
When Commander William Jern and his wife Gayle are given an opportunity to move into one of the spacious Colonial homes on the Village Green, they jump at the chance. Only the Jern's new dream home quickly becomes an icy nightmare, as death stalks them relentlessly. It comes unheralded out of the night, and like all of us, they are woefully unprepared. Yet regardless of his state of readiness, William Jern must face terrors beyond imagination in order to save his daughter whose body had become a frozen vessel for a horror summoned out of the great Void.
With the help of his son, Will, a boy struggling to find the courage to be a man, and an old woman who has foreseen the terrifying manner in which she will die, William undergoes the ultimate test to see how far a father will go to save his child.

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Now available on audio!

Love books but don't have time to pick one up or love stories but not much into reading...
A Perfect America has been added to my growing audible collection to listen to!

A Perfect America By Peter Meredith
Narrated by John Eastman
Phil Tarsus is a dreadful instrument of State justice. He's an Inquisitor, a man who makes a living rooting out and executing those people who have been charged with treason. Guilt or innocence mean little to him - he has quotas to fill after all. Yet when he unwittingly stumbles upon a secret involving someone high up in the new American government, he becomes a target himself. Unfortunately for Phil, there's nowhere to run that the government can't find him.

In the year 2122, in the perfect state of America, the government owns everything...from the shoes you wear, to the apple you eat, to your next door neighbor. The government owns everything and is everything. Under these conditions Phil can trust no one but the man he's slated to murder next.

Now available on audio!

Love books but don't have time to pick one up or love stories but not much into reading...
The Sacrificial Daughter has been added to my growing audible collection to listen to!

The Sacrificial Daughter By Peter Meredith
Narrated by Christine Cavanaugh
Jesse Clarke is about to find out there is something worse than being hated and friendless in a new school: the murderer living next door. Having just moved to Ashton, Michigan she's shocked to discover that it's home to its very own serial killer. Flaunting the police, the killer roams the forests in search of his next victim, looking for that 'special someone.' This year, that someone is Jesse Clarke.

Stalked by a ferocious murderer and set against an entire town, Jesse's life becomes a torturous hell that only grows worse when she falls for the one boy who can't possibly love her without killing her.

Day two. Quite simply, what could go wrong did go wrong.
Given the choice between assuming leadership of a situation that is pure chaos, where the National Guard is forced into a position of going to war against a trapped and possibly infected citizenry, the President choses to punt. He knows what enforcing a quarantined zone will require: the massacre of tens of thousands of terrified people demanding to get out, and there is no way he’s going to have his name and legacy sullied.
Suddenly a “States Rights” champion, he leaves the situation under the control of the Governor, but not before hampering the men on the lines with Rules of Engagement that are meant to sooth journalists instead of creating a possibility of victory.
Tasked with the impossible, General Collins, commander of the 42nd Infantry Division is in a meeting with the Governor when the perimeter of the quarantine zone is ruptured. When his command post is overrun he’s grinding his teeth, sitting in front of the President as he smiles for the cameras, makes jokes and demands answers. And in the dead of night when a hundred thousand Infected Persons slug it out toe-to-toe with the fractured remains of his division, he is the only reinforcement available to shoulder a rifle.
Inside the Zone, the survivors of Day 1 are dying by the score as Dr. Lee and her friends, hopelessly fight their way from one end of the Zone to the other, desperate to escape. But there is no way out except through death at the ripping teeth of the undead. Striving to put that horrible moment off as long as possible, she finds herself trapped alongside Anna Holloway and Lieutenant Eng—they are three scorpions in a bottle...a bottle surrounded by countless undead.