My three year anniversary in writing is  upon me. What started as a chore has obsession?
I never expected for  that to occur, but there it is. What else explains:

A Perfect America
The Sacrificial Daughter
The Horror of the Shade 
An Illusion of Hell 
Hell Blade
The Punished 
The Feylands: A Hidden Lands Novel
The Sun King: A Hidden Lands Novel
The Sun Queen: A Hidden Lands Novel
A Sliver of Perfection (Novella)
The Haunting At Red Feathers(Short Story) 
The Haunting On Colonel's Row(Short Story)
The Drawer(Short Story)
The Eyes in the Storm(Short Story)
Strangely I know that the only two things that will slow me down is success or failure.


The Sun Queen



The third of the Hidden Lands Trilogy is now complete! 
Separated by chance and fate, Eireden has to give up on finding
love with Ella, instead he must watch helplessly as his kingdom is destroyed one
city at a time. His enemies are vast in number and skillfully led, but they have
no chance against the mighty fortress city of Rhyoeven…or do they? Eireden
begins to suspect he has been maneuvered into trapping himself exactly where his
enemies want him.

Not wanting to be anywhere near Eireden when he weds another
woman, Ella thinks she is leaving the world of magic and swords behind her, but
by accident she comes across another fugitive from the Hidden Lands. However
this fugitive is very much planning on returning and when he does he plans on
bringing back something that can end the war in a flash. 
Calling all beta readers--all hands on deck!