I have been so busy that I forgot to mention that I wrote another book, The Apocalypse Fugitives.
I know a few of you out there are asking: Another book? Aren't you tired of that yet?
My answer: Shut-uppa-your-face!
I hope you enjoy it. Jillybean is back, you better read what you can of her while you can.

Beaten and battered in mind and body, the fugitives limp west, unaware that the human world is fading all around them, unaware that the last remnants of the goodness of man is being ground under the heel of evil at every turn.

When confronted with that evil, fight or flight are their dire choices, only Neil’s small group is forced to take on more refugees who come to them empty-handed, unarmed, and hungry.

Neil is faced with the disturbing prospect of guiding them across two thousand miles of zombie-plagued-land, only to stumble at his first hurdle: the mighty Mississippi has become a river of death and, like the fabled River Styx, the only way to pass is to pay the river man his fee. His price: warm bodies. 

And now some nice things people say
...Great characters that are unlikely heroes. All books of the series have been non-stop action. I love jillybean, the precocious little girl with a weird almost possessed dual personality...
...Mr. Meredith, you continue to amaze me. With each book of this series I keep thinking that there is no way it will be as good as the others but you top yourself each and every time. For any of you who are wondering if you should read this series...absolutely read it! I promise you will NOT be disappointed!!
And my favorite quote: Peter Meredith, you're like God, Wonder Woman and Crash Davis rolled into one.
PPS I made up that last quote to see if anyone is paying attention and cuz it was fun.

The Wild Ride Continues



I started this year with a business that was basically dust. I was $12,000 in debt and that was even after filing for bankruptcy. I vowed to make 2014 my breakout year. After a lot of praying and many fourteen hour days hunched over a computer like a crazed gnome, it seems to be happening. The Apocalypse Fugitives was number 1 in Hot New Releases--Dystopia on Amazon and I'm consistently in the top 100 authors under both Sci-fi and Fantasy categories. I think this is proof positive that hard work and praying never go out of style.